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The Connection between Morcellators and Endometrial Cancer

By on Jun 16, 2015 in Injury | 0 comments

Morcellators are known in the medical field as a new, innovative surgical instrument used in laparoscopic procedures. A morcellator is a small, cylindrical tube that is inserted to the body, through a small incision, and using the attached sharp claw, latches on to noncancerous growths and takes it out through suction. It is small enough that it can reach and get out every last bit of the growth within the affected part of the body and the attached camera allows for the surgeon to get a closer look at the specimen. People are more likely to be charmed by the prospect of a laparoscopic surgical procedure, morcellation devices included. After all, there is minimal scarring and discomfort that follows such a procedure and it allows for a faster recovery time, which means less time at the hospital. Overall, if it’s an option, it seems the most ideal. However, there are some risks associated with certain procedures and devices – morcellators are not exempt from this rule. In 2014, for example, Johnson & Johnson issued the recall of their three morcellators (namely Gynecare X-Tract, Morcellex Sigma, and Gynecare Morcellex) after there was sufficient evidence coming from claims that use of these morcellation devices has caused for women to develop endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer is a cancer that develops from the endometrium – otherwise known as the inner lining of the womb. Morcellators were popularly used on women and hysterectomy procedures, where a woman’s womb is removed from her body due to health complications. There are cases being handled by morcellator attorneys everywhere, handling claims of women having their chances of this kind of aggressively malignant cancer as significantly higher due to the use of the aforementioned morcellation devices. Remember to always ask for the full risks of a procedure before consenting to allow it and if you or someone you know has been affected by a morcellator in this way, it is recommended that legal help and representation is sought immediately in order to get the best help and resources...

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