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3 Ways to Elevate Your Birthday Party

By on Aug 14, 2019 in Birthday Ideas | 0 comments

A new year brings new opportunities, friendships, and milestones in our lives. No year is ever like the last, but sometimes our birthday parties seem to blur together. Besides cake, presents, and the occasional fun activity — how different and special can we make our birthday celebrations each year?

The answer is actually very special — depending on how willing we are to think outside the box. Whether you have a birthday coming up and want to plan a party for yourself or are planning to surprise your loved ones, check out this list for some party inspiration — no Pinterest account required!

# 1 Quiz Your Friends

This is an easy way to set your birthday party from the rest while not breaking the budget. Something fun to keep your guests entertained is to create play a few games that will test their knowledge of you and your personality — and will test your knowledge of your friendship with them, too!

The following idea works best if you are having your guests seated around a table. You could place a piece of paper with their names at the top with a bunch of questions about you underneath it. These would be fun questions designed to test how well they know you. They would circle their answers to the questions with a pen placed at their seat as well.

Ideas for questions could be “What is their middle name?” or “What is their celebrity crush?” Questions could also have your guests choose which you would prefer from two choices — such as “Dogs or Cats?” With their name on the top, this questionnaire could double as a place marker!

#2 Change Up The Setting

If you’re not feeling as in tune with your creative side, an easy way to take your birthday party to the next level is to host it at an unusual location.

One unique idea I found while searching the Internet was a yacht. Yes, you read that correctly. Several companies rent yachts to individuals looking to host events — ranging from birthday parties to wedding receptions and more. Many of these companies also have catering, entertainment, photography, and other birthday essentials available for booking through their company, Anita Dee Yacht Charter. This makes setting up your party easier — all while providing a luxurious, unexpected venue for your attendees.

#3 Mix it up!

For those of us who love some bubbly, drinks are an important part of any celebration — especially our birthdays. If you want to take your drink options to the next level, hire a professional mixologist — yes, that is a job — who can create custom drinks for you and your friends to sample all night.

These drinks could be inspired by your guests, or be based on your favorite drink ingredients. Your guests could leave with their very own drink named after them, and your party would be a hot topic of conversation for years to come.

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