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3 Ways to Elevate Your Birthday Party

By on Aug 14, 2019 in Birthday Ideas | 0 comments

A new year brings new opportunities, friendships, and milestones in our lives. No year is ever like the last, but sometimes our birthday parties seem to blur together. Besides cake, presents, and the occasional fun activity — how different and special can we make our birthday celebrations each year? The answer is actually very special — depending on how willing we are to think outside the box. Whether you have a birthday coming up and want to plan a party for yourself or are planning to surprise your loved ones, check out this list for some party inspiration — no Pinterest account required! # 1 Quiz Your Friends This is an easy way to set your birthday party from the rest while not breaking the budget. Something fun to keep your guests entertained is to create play a few games that will test their knowledge of you and your personality — and will test your knowledge of your friendship with them, too! The following idea works best if you are having your guests seated around a table. You could place a piece of paper with their names at the top with a bunch of questions about you underneath it. These would be fun questions designed to test how well they know you. They would circle their answers to the questions with a pen placed at their seat as well. Ideas for questions could be “What is their middle name?” or “What is their celebrity crush?” Questions could also have your guests choose which you would prefer from two choices — such as “Dogs or Cats?” With their name on the top, this questionnaire could double as a place marker! #2 Change Up The Setting If you’re not feeling as in tune with your creative side, an easy way to take your birthday party to the next level is to host it at an unusual location. One unique idea I found while searching the Internet was a yacht. Yes, you read that correctly. Several companies rent yachts to individuals looking to host events — ranging from birthday parties to wedding receptions and more. Many of these companies also have catering, entertainment, photography, and other birthday essentials available for booking through...

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The 3M Earplug Controversy

By on May 11, 2019 in Defective Products | 0 comments

Have you heard of the scandal around 3M hearing protection earplugs? Apparently, for over a decade the company “3M” manufactured earplugs to protect the hearing of service members from damage. Events like explosions, gunshots, or other background noise that comes being deployed in a risky situation can damage your hearing in the long AND short term. Well, 3M promised to manufacture earplugs that fit directly into service members’ ears and provided adequate protection. Like I said, for over a decade these earplugs were manufactured and administered to those serving our country at home and abroad. The scandal, of course, comes from the fact that the earplugs were never properly designed or correctly manufactured. I think that scams or frauds are not okay in any conditions. However, perpetuating fraud at the cost of the health and safety of military members has to be more despicable than anything I can imagine. Some side effects from improper hearing safety protections include tinnitus, loss of general hearing, loss of hearing specific frequencies or ranges, a feeling of pressure in your ear canal(s), loss of balance, and so many more related to auditory and balance systems. Because the flawed products were only recently discovered, it is likely that service members experienced these negative medical side effects without knowing their cause. Without that information, it is also possible that medical care to address these issues was harder to attain. Isn’t that ridiculous? These people have given themselves and their safety over in the name of national security and public service. The idea that they had to use faulty protections infuriates me. Thankfully, multiple lawsuits have been filed against the 3M company responsible for manufacturing the earplugs. I think the aim of any litigation in a situation like this ought to not only be to recoup victims’ losses (as best as you can, since hearing is difficult to regain even through the most expensive of medical procedures) but also to make sure the company faces justice to the point where they learn to not scam service members in the future. I know some law firms like ChasenBoscolo represent victims not only to receive compensation for their pain and suffering but also to hold the company accountable....

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All the Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

By on Dec 7, 2018 in Injury | 0 comments

Accidents happen every day, and sometimes, they are no one’s fault. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of bad luck. People are left every day dealing with bad luck, and there’s not much that can be done other to shrug and move on with life as well as possible. However, there’s another category of accident: the preventable kind. With these accidents, someone gets hurt and someone else is responsible. This isn’t really bad luck. It’s called negligence, and those who suffer from such accidents don’t just have to shrug and move on as best they can. They have the option to pursue a claim against those who were really at fault. Knowing just what kind of accidents can lead to claims can open up the potential for compensation when you didn’t know it existed. If you slip in a store, for example, you may feel you were clumsy or foolish. In reality, you may be able to get compensation for any injuries if there was a spill no one marked. To get a better sense of how large the world of personal injury law is, consider all the ways a prominent personal injury law firm like Glover Law Firm assists its clients. They cover all the following accidents and incidents: Bicycle accidents Car accidents Truck accidents Motorcycle accidents Golf cart accidents Injuries to child Medical malpractice Nursing home abuse Pedestrian accidents Slips Trips Falls Accidents that lead to wrongful death Each of these categories includes a vast number of potential accidents. A pedestrian or car accident may involve a distracted driver, a drunk driver, a tired driver, or just a driver who was speeding or missed a stop sign. Meanwhile, a bicycle accident can involve everything from a pothole, a driver opening their door without looking, or someone’s dog attacking. That doesn’t even touch the vast number of ways a child can get injured due to someone’s negligence or the way a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or hospital can act negligently. There are more types of accidents than this, but you get the idea of just how many kinds of accidents aren’t really your fault, and how many accidents can lead to claims. It’s important to recognize just how many accidents...

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Advantages of Uncontested Divorce Over Contested Divorce

By on Jun 7, 2017 in Divorce, Family | 0 comments

You and your partner may file for divorce because of various reasons. The reason for the separation may be differing priorities, financial disagreements, or even downright domestic violence and spousal rape. Whatever the reason behind your divorce, it doesn’t change the fact that the legal process can be very complicated. But there is a kind of divorce that is less difficult to handle, and it is called uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a divorce wherein the spouses involved have no disputes, and it has significant advantages over contested divorce, also known as a divorce wherein there are disputes, particularly in terms of alimony, child custody and support, and property division. Less prone to errors Uncontested divorce typically means that the spouses have already come into agreement on possible dispute areas, such as supportive obligations and assets and liabilities distributions. Since everything is already agreed upon, the legal process will be less likely to have errors, and therefore faster compared to contested divorce. Contested divorce may take much longer, because the spouses are likely to fight for their best interests, so they won’t give in and make the legal process time-consuming. Less financial costs According to the website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, divorce can also be a financially straining process. This is understandable, because after all, attorneys and family courts are not free. Because uncontested divorce is less prone to errors and more likely to be faster compared to contested divorce, it may translate into less legal expenses. Your financial standing doesn’t matter. Whether you are high or low in the economic ladder, a less expensive divorce process is always more appealing. In fact, the website of this Lewisville divorce attorney even says that 90% of all divorces are uncontested. Less emotional strain It is not always about the legal aspect, because divorce can also be emotionally taxing. In contested divorce, there will be arguments, and this may result into more hard feelings between the spouses, more violent separation processes, and worse, more impactful parental separation for the children involved. Uncontested divorce involves less emotional strain because of its relatively passive...

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Jet Ski Safety Tips

By on Jan 30, 2017 in Boating Laws | 0 comments

We go the water to have some fun and escape from the real world, where there are responsibilities we should think about. Getting injured while on vacation is probably one of the worst things that could happen to you, as your time for recreation and unwinding becomes a time for medical bills. In a sense, we still have responsibilities even when we are on vacation, and one of those responsibilities is making sure that we are doing safe practices in operating our personal watercraft, like jet skis. Always wear the appropriate gear Accidents may happen whether it is your fault or not, and your first line of defense when they do happen is your protective gear, such as your helmet and lifejacket. Your helmet can protect you against head injuries that you can get from crashing your head into hard surfaces and getting hit by flying debris. Your lifejacket can be the very thing that saves you from drowning. Be aware of other people Though it is true that the sea offers a wide space, it does not mean that you are safe from personal watercraft traffic. Be mindful of the other watercraft around you, such as boats and other jet skis, and other people that you may not notice, such as swimmers and divers. Not being aware of the position of others can potentially lead to collisions and injuries. Don’t drink and ride Alcohol, drugs, and other substances that may cause impairment are very dangerous even on watercraft operation. They limit your body coordination, comprehension skills, and sensory and motor functions. Losing at least one of these things can lead to accidents. Look out for obstructions Obstructions can be natural or artificial. Natural obstructions include rocks and corals, while artificial obstructions include buoys and watercraft. You can injure yourself because of the collision force and debris, eject yourself from your jet ski and drown, or both. Check the weather conditions Sometimes, safe jet ski riding is not about the manner you operate your jet ski, but about the weather and how it affects the water. You should give attention to winds and high waves, as they have the capability to eject you or roll you and your jet...

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